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The first name in patient satisfaction!


We can help you improve the policies, work processes and physician/staff performance affecting patient satisfaction and referrals.

Instead of motivational pep-talks that produce momentary enthusiasm but no lasting results, our proven approach - adopted by top-scoring practices across the country - uses a six-step process that analyzes your strengths and limitations, defines Customer Service standards, trains physicians and staff to deliver world-class service, monitors for accountability, rewards top performers and uses strategies for maintaining a service culture.

We work with you to customize the training programs to reflect the key issues confronting your organization, and install a leadership strategy to ensure ongoing momentum. Programs are delivered by nationally recognized consultants who are top-rated by physicians and staff members.

  • Staff Workshop "YOU Make the Difference!"
    Proven techniques for treating patients with "how may I help you" attitude, telephone etiquette, managing difficult patient encounters, handling multiple priorities, teamwork and professionalism, and other issues.
  • Supervisor Program "Managing for Service Excellence"
    High-success strategies for motivating and managing employees, defining service standards, daily coaching and annual appraisal, dealing with problem employees, team building, managing stress and other issues.
  • Physician Seminar "Excelling at the Art of Medicine"
    How-to techniques for making patients feel like valued customers in a ten-minute encounter, keeping to the schedule, saying "no" to patients, ensuring informed consent, improving patient compliance, and other issues.

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A fast-paced, interactive program where physicians learn practical, easy-to-use techniques for making patients feel like valued customers, including skills for staying on schedule, controlling the length of encounters, saying "no" to patients without making them angry, and increasing patient compliance. In addition, each workshop provides strategies for recapturing the joy of medicine and energizing providers who have experienced emotional exhaustion.

Among the physician-based programs offered by SullivanLuallin are:

  • "Excelling at the Art of Medicine"
  • "Dealing with Difficult Patient Situations"
  • "Physician Satisfaction Means Good Medicine"
  • "Be the Leader Others Want to Follow"
  • "Simple Strategies for Staying on Time"

Our programs have been customized to the specific content and scheduling needs of more than a thousand physicians in practices nationwide, with high marks for "showing us that patient satisfaction is achievable, even in an era of busier schedules, more paperwork, lean staffing and more demanding patients!"

And since employees are vital members of the healthcare service team, each workshop also includes specific strategies for boosting staff loyalty and morale.


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Providers don’t begin their office hours with the intention of annoying patients. Usually low-scoring physicians have no clear understanding of why patients rate them poorly, and they are curious regarding how to improve. An effective technique for providing helpful feedback to a low-scoring provider is to “shadow” him or her for a day. Shadow coaching is an effective, one-on-one process that gives providers immediate feedback during a typical workday, in a natural setting, with their actual patients.

The shadowing process includes:

  • Introductory meeting
    The coach calls the participating physician prior to arrival at his/her office for an introduction and to establish credentials
  • “Shadow” activity
    The coach accompanies the provider for a full day, with the approval of the patient gained at the outset of each encounter. The coach gives feedback regarding the doctor’s positive communication techniques, and offers suggestions for enhancing less effective techniques.
  • Written report
    At the close of the “shadow” day, the coach provides verbal recommendations of proven techniques for ensuring patient satisfaction. Within 24 hours, the coach emails a written report to the provider.
  • Follow-up survey
    To help with physician accountability, we provide 100 patient satisfaction surveys to be distributed over the counter during the next six weeks (when the physician is establishing his/her new patient-pleasing practice habits). We report the results after receiving 30 responses.

Following a “shadow” engagement, providers see immediate improvement in their patient survey scores, and better coordination with their clinical team.

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Front desk and scheduling staff members are the portal to your medical practice. How these employees respond to telephone callers can affect a group’s image, reputation and bottom line. Further, back office staff who interact with patients and other callers also influence customer satisfaction and ultimately patient survey scores. It’s vital that these important members of the practice have the knowledge and skills to manage telephone calls effectively.

This one-hour LIVE web-based interactive training program is geared specifically toward healthcare professionals, and reviews:

  • How to juggle three lines when you’ve only got  two hands and one mouth
  • How to put on that “happy phone face” when you’re stressed and exhausted
  • How to deal with difficult doctors and their office staff members
  • How to calm irate callers using five magic words
  • How to handle chatty, hearing-impaired and elderly patients
  • How to take the wind out of the sails of an abusive caller


To learn more about the cost of this program and how to schedule a session, please click here


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