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Communication Seminars


A fast-paced, interactive program where physicians learn practical, easy-to-use techniques for making patients feel like valued customers, including skills for staying on schedule, controlling the length of encounters, saying "no" to patients without making them angry, and increasing patient compliance. In addition, each workshop provides strategies for recapturing the joy of medicine and energizing providers who have experienced emotional exhaustion.

Among the physician-based programs offered by SullivanLuallin are:

  • "Excelling at the Art of Medicine"
  • "Dealing with Difficult Patient Situations"
  • "Physician Satisfaction Means Good Medicine"
  • "Be the Leader Others Want to Follow"
  • "Simple Strategies for Staying on Time"

Our programs have been customized to the specific content and scheduling needs of more than a thousand physicians in practices nationwide, with high marks for "showing us that patient satisfaction is achievable, even in an era of busier schedules, more paperwork, lean staffing and more demanding patients!"

And since employees are vital members of the healthcare service team, each workshop also includes specific strategies for boosting staff loyalty and morale.


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Not long ago, I sent a friend of mine to see one of our PCPs who happened to have attended your Excelling in the Art of Medicine presentation. You must have made an impression on him with the story about the receptionist who greeted her patients with "we've been expecting you" because the PCP used that greeting when he met my friend in his office as a new patient. The PCP had no idea that I knew the patient. When I asked my friend about meeting his new PCP he said "I like him and you know what, I think he's clairvoyant. He said he was expecting me! And I liked that."

Andrea Kmetz, RN,
Director of Care Management and Quality Assurance
Marin IPA