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Spotlight on Service

Your Employees Can
Be Customer Service

It’s not your typical "talking head" Customer Service training video. It's
a lively and entertaining way to prepare your staff to deliver star-
studded service... without expensive on-site consultants!

  • Fast-paced and fun
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Based on proven Customer Service protocols used by top-scoring practices to build patient loyalty and referrals
  • Great for orienting new hires and maintaining service momentum with current employees
  • No scheduling hassles for your staff and supervisors
  • Leader Guide loaded with "How To" tips
  • Reporting Matrix lets you track employee progress

Spotlight on Service™ is a proven strategy for converting the service message into a management system for communicating service protocols... holding people accountable for following them... getting support from your physicians... and recognizing your superstar performers.
  • The video series is delivered one segment per week for a month to give your employees a chance to practice the patient-pleasing techniques
  • Web-based to keep costs affordable
  • Employees can log on any time, anywhere
  • Each segment ends with a brief quiz to ensure understanding and retention
  • You monitor each employee's progress through a real-time reporting matrix
  • The Leader Guide gives you "How To" strategies for getting started, coaching low performers, maintaining the momentum... and a special section on how to get your physicians involved!
Spotlight on Service™ is your solution for delivering the Customer Service message. For ordering information, please call 619.283.8988 or click here to purchase the DVD now.
What are employees saying about Spotlight on Service™?

"I liked how the situations were realistic and related to our everyday encounters here at work. They showed a real situation that can happen when people are not using 'HEART' and the correct way to handle bad situations with irate patients."

"I thought the videos were comical. I found myself actually laughing out loud on a couple of occasions. I thought that they were real scenarios that I have witnessed on both ends, and it really makes one think of the end result of bad customer service… the fact that we were able to access them via the web made it convenient to view the content and comprehend it in my office, and without distraction from anyone else."

"Thanks for keeping all staff so well informed about key issues involved with our deliverance of quality health care."

"It was easy to watch and very humorous- not just a boring training video. I recommend these types of videos for all employers!"

Spotlight on Service was very well received by our staff. The ease of how the videos are set up with quizzes was great with having so many employees to view them. Very nice and informative! Thought provoking and…our staff is already acting out what they had seen.

BJ Ragland,
Urology of Indiana


Employee comments ranged from enthusiastic to pleasantly surprised. Everyone felt it was helpful and good information presented in a fun way.

Jamie Kilpatrick,
Director of Practice Management,
BroMenn Medical Group (IL)


Feedback from staff was very positive. They all thought that the videos provided very real scenarios (doctors running late, patients waiting past 20 minutes, the hard of hearing patient, or frustrated patient). It was nice to see that it was developed around all the different clinic departments.

Melissa Bauer, RN, CUA,
Quality Improvement Specialist,
Adult & Pediatric Urology (MN)


Thank you for the opportunity to use Spotlight on Service. I found it very useful. While incorporating it I saw the more I complimented anyone on using it, the more they would use it. On the phones they were amazed at how easy it was to do a small task and have such a large response. The best was I had two of the physicians watch it so they would understand what we are going through. One of them has been using the phrase "Is there anything else I can do?" and he was pleasantly surprised at the response he got from patients.
Thank-you again.

Debbie Nessel,
Site Supervisor,
Affinity Healthcare (IL)


…the content of the videos was very well received and practices in the programs have been put to good use.

Jackie Speckin,
Chief Marketing Officer,
Affinity Healthcare (IL)