Sullivan Luallin

The first name in patient satisfaction!


Front desk and scheduling staff members are the portal to your medical practice. How these employees respond to telephone callers can affect a group’s image, reputation and bottom line. Further, back office staff who interact with patients and other callers also influence customer satisfaction and ultimately patient survey scores. It’s vital that these important members of the practice have the knowledge and skills to manage telephone calls effectively.

This one-hour LIVE web-based interactive training program is geared specifically toward healthcare professionals, and reviews:

  • How to juggle three lines when you’ve only got  two hands and one mouth
  • How to put on that “happy phone face” when you’re stressed and exhausted
  • How to deal with difficult doctors and their office staff members
  • How to calm irate callers using five magic words
  • How to handle chatty, hearing-impaired and elderly patients
  • How to take the wind out of the sails of an abusive caller


To learn more about the cost of this program and how to schedule a session, please click here


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